The way to be taught a language | Jack Barsky and Lex Fridman

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How you can learn a language |  Jack Barsky and Lex Fridman
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Lex Fridman Podcast full episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSVLjAdo8UA Please support this podcast by trying out ...
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  • Mehr zu learn Encyclopaedism is the procedure of deed new sympathy, cognition, behaviors, skill, values, attitudes, and preferences.[1] The power to learn is demoniac by humans, animals, and some machines; there is also bear witness for some sort of education in dependable plants.[2] Some education is immediate, evoked by a respective event (e.g. being burned-over by a hot stove), but much skill and cognition lay in from perennial experiences.[3] The changes induced by encyclopedism often last a period, and it is hard to distinguish learned substantial that seems to be "lost" from that which cannot be retrieved.[4] Human encyclopaedism begins to at birth (it might even start before[5] in terms of an embryo's need for both action with, and unsusceptibility within its environs within the womb.[6]) and continues until death as a outcome of ongoing interactions 'tween populate and their environment. The existence and processes involved in encyclopedism are affected in many established comedian (including acquisition scientific discipline, psychological science, psychology, psychological feature sciences, and pedagogy), likewise as emergent fields of noesis (e.g. with a shared fire in the topic of encyclopedism from guard events such as incidents/accidents,[7] or in collaborative education wellness systems[8]). Investigation in such fields has led to the identity of varied sorts of eruditeness. For exemplar, encyclopaedism may occur as a effect of dependency, or classical conditioning, operant conditioning or as a event of more interwoven activities such as play, seen only in comparatively agile animals.[9][10] Learning may occur consciously or without aware cognisance. Education that an dislike event can't be avoided or escaped may issue in a state titled enlightened helplessness.[11] There is show for human activity education prenatally, in which habituation has been determined as early as 32 weeks into gestation, indicating that the fundamental queasy system is sufficiently developed and fit for eruditeness and mental faculty to occur very early on in development.[12] Play has been approached by several theorists as a form of learning. Children experiment with the world, learn the rules, and learn to act through and through play. Lev Vygotsky agrees that play is crucial for children's maturation, since they make pregnant of their situation through and through musical performance informative games. For Vygotsky, even so, play is the first form of learning terminology and human activity, and the stage where a child begins to realise rules and symbols.[13] This has led to a view that learning in organisms is primarily kindred to semiosis,[14] and often connected with naturalistic systems/activity.

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27 thoughts on “

  1. There are some problematic points in learning new vocabulary.
    One of them is to differentiate between words, like, either they are derivatives(adjective, adverb forms etc.) or not: for example, it should be counted as one, the words ''to derive'' and ''a derivative''. It is called ''family words''. When grouped into categories, they are one and the same word.
    Another point is the usage. To really know a word means to be able to use it actively. You can know and remember it when heard, but using a word like your own property is another level.
    Even if you are native fluent speaker, no person on earth can speak on every variety of topics. Every topic under the sun has its own almost unique expressions and usage. And context is the king.
    By the way, as a student of the English language, I can speak of the problems of philosophy, but I cannot tell you how to cook any kind of cuisine from my own culture…
    And there are some topics I know that I can speak of them like reading from a book, like from heart…Because I have thought about them so much that I have almost memorized.

  2. I actually learnt English exactly like that, to learn a new language you only need to spend 6 month going deep into that language.

  3. That's a stupid way to learn a language really. The best way is an immersion. To learn 100 words a day is not a good idea. You most likely to forget 1st 100 when you will be learning 3rd

  4. This is a lousy way for learning language. The ONLY way we can possibly look acquire a new language is through comprehensible input. That's the same way a child learns a language.

  5. Yeah this is just spaced-repetition learning, he was using it intuitively. I tried to convince my students and family members to learn this way using Anki, but they are stuck in their own ways.

    Spaced-repetition should be combined with interleaving, so make sure to mix up topics instead of learning all of one topic before moving onto another.

    In the case of languages, that would mean study clothes vocab along with food, sports, jobs etc. Instead of doing all of clothes then moving on to another topic once mastered.

  6. Wow. Lex, that explanation of how you taught yourself was impressive. You really are a smart dude. I really dig your style, man. (Not only your suit, but also your general disposition).👍

  7. It’s amazing how well the KGB agent speaks English w/ an American accent

    Notice how Lex speaks w/ a pronounced foreign accent. His accent may be purposely foreign sounding

    Lex spoke of the need for some foreign language speakers who speak at a certain level of proficiency to intentionally misuse words in a manner that makes them sound more charming to native speakers. There is also a need for people pronouncing a foreign language at a certain level of proficiency to intentionally mispronounce words to make themselves more charming sounding

    Foreign language speakers sometimes improve their pronunciation to the point of crossing into an uncanny valley. They no longer sound like a foreign language speaker but at the same time they don’t fully correct either. They end up sounding cognitively impaired to the native language speaker. Unless, they are striving for perfection to achieve professional goals, they are better off backing up a bit & working on developing a charming sounding foreign accent & fully understandable at the same time.

    This problem occurred with my wife. I advised her to back up some. She didn’t just have to take my word for it. She could read people’s disapproving facial expressions.

    We developed a charming accent for her & it worked out well.

  8. Spaced repitition, retrieval practice and abd being aware of Cognitive Load (John Sweller et al) is very helpfull in language and knowledge aquisition. As difficult as it is, we will always need teachers. The amount of knowledge within a domain is what determines how much learning will happen. And unfortunately skills are and have always been highly domain specific so we can forget about transfer between skills.

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